How A Guarantor Can Help You Secure Finance

When you’re desperately trying to save up a deposit for a home and just see the prices of property climbing and climbing, it’s difficult to remain patient. But there is another way: a guarantor can help. If you don’t have a substantial deposit for a home loan, there are still a number of ways to … Read more

How often should you check investment returns?

By Tony Kaye, Senior Personal Finance Writer, Vanguard Australia Before you started reading this article, did you already do a check-up on your investment portfolio value? If you did, and do so just about every day, you’re certainly not alone. After all, it’s human nature to look regularly at what financial markets have been doing … Read more

Preparing for the biggest wealth transfer in history

By Tony Kaye, Senior Personal Finance Writer, Vanguard Australia Transfers of accumulated wealth from one generation to the next are part and parcel of everyday life. But the next 20 to 30 years will see the biggest intergenerational wealth handover in history. The largest part of this great wealth transfer will be between members of … Read more

Understanding home downsizing and super contributions

By Tony Kaye, Senior Personal Finance Writer, Vanguard Australia The Federal Government announced in the May Budget that it is widening the scope of the scheme allowing eligible Australians to sell their home and put extra money into their superannuation. First introduced in the 2018-19 financial year, the “downsizer measure” has provided an opportunity for … Read more

How to overcome your investment fears

By Tony Kaye, Senior Personal Finance Writer, Vanguard Australia You’re ready to start investing, but there’s a few things holding you back. Firstly, while you have a bit of money set aside, you don’t have a lot and you’re thinking it’s probably not enough to start off with. You also don’t know a lot about … Read more

Top things to consider when returning to work

Returning to work after maternity leave can be difficult and needs careful planning. Here are our tips to help make the transition much smoother. When considering childcare  When you return to work, you might need to put your kids in childcare. This can be expensive, costing up to $140 a day, which is a big … Read more

Top 10 Tips for Transitioning to Retirement Living

For many Australians, the decision to move into retirement living can be difficult and fraught with emotion, yet downsizing is a process most of us will go through. When the time comes to taking the next step, there are many considerations to weigh up. Cranbrook Care, a multi-award-winning provider of premier aged care and retirement residences, … Read more

Tips for a successful private sale

A private sale can be a great alternative to an auction, potentially landing you a sale that’s perfect for your situation. We’ll help you create a plan with your agent so you can work towards the best outcome. 1. Choosing the right agent  Your agent is crucial to the outcome of your sale, so it’s … Read more